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About Bodin

Bodin is certainly not inferior to the existing brands that fill up your home. We think that a house full of nice appliances should not be expensive; we can satisfy every single customer. Bodin is a brand of Smartwares Group – like for instance Princess and Tristar – and is exclusively available at Bol.com. We possess a wide range of various household appliances.

bodin - where to get it?

Where to get Bodin?

Our products are exclusively available through bol.com. You’ll often hear that ‘all roads lead to Rome’, yet only one path leads to our affordable products. We have an assortment with more than 40 different items from four unique categories, ranging from refreshing fans to grand griddles. A cosy evening with the raclette or a refreshing breeze on a hot summer day? We’ve got you!

Our vision

Bodin aspires to supply you with products within an affordable price range, while still offering excellent service. We strive to create new experiences while always remaining accessible to everyone. The fact that we offer our products for such an affordable price does not mean we would ever sacrifice quality or functionality. Our products are equipped with the most practical functionalities and will always reach a premium brand quality.

Bodin brand vision

You can always find us for everything.

We've got you.

Bodin stands for:

You can rely on us to supply proper craftsmanship for an affordable price. Not only our products, but also our service is good and well-founded.

Surprisingly good quality for a surprisingly good price. We won’t make you pay extra for the brand, the marketing or unnecessary features. You only have to pay what you get.

Excellent service
To us, nothing beats a satisfied customer. If you have any questions or concerns, our customer service will be happy to help..

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